Promotional games and/or sweepstakes are excellent choices to promote the launch of a brand, a product or a website.

Our promotional games and websites dedicated to events can be tailored specifically to promote the launch of a brand, a product, a service or a website. Especially thanks to:

  • Tailor-made concepts adapted to your specific launch
  • A design according to your launch-special graphic design
  • Our games are made to promote launches from the most simple - quiz, memory...- to the most comprehensive one -mini-website, editorial content, videos, blogs, ...)
  • Promotion of your new marketing message within the game scenario to reach a stronger impact than through classical advertisement
  • Teasers to spark curiosity
  • Promotion of the launch through social media such as Facebook or Twitter
  • A referral program between each step of the game or at the end of it to generate leads at no cost
  • Follow-up of the contact list generated once the campaign is over to optimize your investment ...