The continuous evolution of technological trends and shifts in consumer behavior requires brands to create novel marketing approaches. We develop innovative marketing programs that surprise, immerse, and entertain, enhance consumer experience, drive traffic, and bring in new customers.
We specialize in 360 Degree Cross-Channel programs that strengthen brand and customer experience through the use of interactive innovation..


In today's environment, consumers are inundated with an influx of marketing messages and advertising media wherever they go. To maximize customer acquisition, companies need to develop inventive and unexpected advertising methods that engage prospects and differentiate their brand.
Game and Buzz Factory's creative and technological expertise combined with our strategy consulting allows us to create gamified customer acquisition programs that distinguish brands and bring a higher level of impact.


In order to acquire customers it is necessary to reach and convert prospects throughout the various stages of the Conversion Funnel. We create customized cross-channel programs that reach targets in each of phase of the user flow to minimize turnover and conversion loss. Whether the consumer is in the awareness, consideration, purchase, loyalty, or advocacy phase, Game and Buzz Factory develops strategic programs with actionable steps and recommendations to maximize purchase and revenue. We also offer innovative models that allow brands to set up and manage their own conversion funnel marketing programs using multi-channel media.


Developing an efficient relationship marketing program is largely dependent on a brand's ability to effectively diversify channels of contact. When seamlessly integrated within a larger relationship program, Web to store, Street to Store, Email, and SMS, are among key channels for effectively enhancing a brand's connection to the consumer. Game and Buzz Factory provides digital methods and creative solutions for maximizing consumer-brand interaction, confidence, and loyalty, among all channels and points of the consumer journey.


In a time when many company budgets are limited to short term or one-off advertising, developing an effective ongoing marketing program is a powerful solution for generating long term consumer-brand interaction and exposure. Dynamic, surprising, and addictive games enable companies to build a connection with players while promoting key messages and driving interest in their offerings. When used as part of a strategic loyalty program, gamification keeps clients and prospects engaged in the brand universe. Game and Buzz Factory offers many gamified and rewarding solutions for developing an on-going marketing program that generates traffic, opt-ins, and increases sales.


Sponsorship programs provide a multitude of ways for brands to build awareness, gain credibility, and increase competitive advantage. It offers key benefits for all parties involved within the reach of its target audience. Game and Buzz Factory offers novel and creative sponsorship marketing solutions including gamified cobranding operations, trade show promotional opportunities, awards receptions, educational programs, fundraisers and much more.


  • Real Time Performance Dashboards
  • Reports available on all devices
  • Customized KPIs showing key data
  • Back office access for following performance of the game
  • Expert advice and consulting throughout program
  • And much more

    "With a distinguished approach, we incorporate advanced technologies, service, personalized customer relationships, and strategic consulting."

    Johan Masset - BI Analytics Director


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