Combining innovative gamification mechanisms and applied theory of learning, our fully integrated Learning One TM is a customized platform adapted and personalized to the needs of each user. We use our extensive background in global marketing and a client-centered approach that enables each user to manage their training and progress. Our software is fully adaptable to all industries and training environments and is designed to maximize training attendance, engagement, contribution, and teammanship.


Effective Training involves engaging and motivating the learner. The use of incentives, recognition, and reward are critical to maximizing training efficacy. Creating a positive learning atmosphere through the potential for reward, exposure to new skills and challenges, visibility on corporate leaderboards, competitive scoring, and other forms of recognition lead to the best results for both trainers and learners. Game and Buzz Factory has worked with neuropsychology leaders and incorporated findings from their cutting edge research and case studies to develop and proven learning solution to meet diverse learning styles and needs.


Many companies are confronted with the intense speed of technological progress and the seemingly insurmountable task of digitizing the workforce. During the transition, many companies will use imposing approaches to team development leading to disgruntled employees. Employee frustration, in turn, leads to decreased productivity. Game and Buzz Factory offers Teambuilding Seminars that help prepare today's employment forces and enable them to better envision and adapt to tomorrow's workplace.


Developing and training employees in an interactive way, particularly on serious matters, is a goal shared by many companies. For several years, Game and Buzz Factory has implemented serious games to witness powerful impact on employee training attendance and engagement.
Serious Games work best on an ongoing basis and can have powerful viral impact. We offer over 70 different game styles and gamification mechanisms including Drag & Drop, Memory, Leaderboards, Challenges, rankings, and more.


Our LMS is a comprehensive, multi-faceted solution that enables brands to manage the entire training and professional development cycle. From motivating employees, to managing sales performance, building team collaboration, welcoming new hires, and launching new products, Learning One gives brands an intuitive, rewarding and innovative platform while helping them achieve their short and long term corporate goals.


  • Get dashboards that show the performance of your game in real time
  • Reports available for all device and fully responsive
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) keyed to your game showing volume of players, times played, etc.
  • Access to a back door dedicated to follow performance of the game
  • Reports can be "On Demand" and customized
  • Analytic sheets and our expert advice on strategys on how to go forward.
  • And so much more…

    "With a distinguished approach, we incorporate advanced technologies, service, personalized customer relationships, and strategic consulting."

    Johan Masset - BI Analytics Director