With the success of the iPad and Apple Store, mobile apps have adapted to bigger screen and brought a more comfortable browsing experience. Game and Buzz helps you grasp that opportunity by creating tailor-made apps for your targeted audience and marketing goals.

iPad apps are programs that are downloadable through the App Store and directly usable on the iPad without having to pop up your internet browser. Apps allow a more comfortable and more efficient access to websites because they are convenient for the use of an iPad.


  • Make it easier for your customers to buy your products/services
  • Lure new clients
  • Draw webusers to your website content
  • Value your brand image
  • Generate revenues (Advertisements, Micro payments)
  • Promote your services and your products thanks to mobile commerce

  • Adopt an innovative communicating strategy
  • iPad users are urban, tech-savvy and affluent
  • Definitely made for travelling, thus enabling new uses
  • Comfortable use of the iPad's wide screen
  • Generate new revenues(Advertisement, Micro payments)
  • Generate traffic and leads to your website
  • Compatible with a dedicated media plan to promote your iPad app
  • Compatible with a relationship program through push notifications or emailing to value your app-user database